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Follow this remedy to reduce the increased uric acid


Bad Lifestyle And due to wrong eating habits, people have to face many types of health problems. One of these health problems is the increase in uric acid. Uric acid is a chemical found in your blood that is made when your body breaks down a substance called purine. Most of the uric acid produced in the body dissolves in the blood and is excreted through the kidneys. But if your body produces more uric acid than it needs, it is not possible for the body to remove it naturally. Due to which the level of uric acid becomes high in the body. High levels of uric acid in your body can cause many problems. This causes solid crystals to build up within the joints that cause a painful condition called gout. It can also cause kidney stones and sometimes it can lead to kidney failure. In such a situation, it is necessary that you make some extra efforts, through which the body Uric acid to reduce the high level. So let us tell you some easy remedies today, which will help in reducing the increased uric acid-

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Reduce intake of purine rich food

Health experts say that uric acid is formed when a substance called purine is broken down. In such a situation, when you already have the problem of high uric acid in the body, then it is better that you stay away from such substances, which are high in purine. Purines are found in foods such as peas, spinach, mushrooms, dried beans and even beer. Therefore, make a distance from such a diet for some time.

eat high fiber food

This is also a way to control the amount of uric acid. When you consume high fiber food, the fiber absorbs the excess uric acid in your blood and helps to remove it from the body.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar should be consumed if there is a problem of uric acid. In fact, apple cider vinegar acts as a natural cleanser and detoxifier. It contains malic acid which helps to break down and remove uric acid from the body. To consume it, you mix a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and consume it regularly.

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Lemon juice

If you are troubled by the increased level of uric acid, then you should also consume lemon juice. Actually, lemon contains citric acid which helps in dissolving uric acid. Well apart from lemon juice, vitamin C Foods rich in sugar should also be eaten like tomatoes, seasonal, guavas and oranges etc.

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